Sunday, May 10, 2009

Organic Reasons

So we know what Organic Means, but why should it be something that you not only accept but seek out?

As a restaurant owner, the quality of what is on the plate is of utmost importance. If organic somehow tasted/looked worse it would be a hard sell. Luckily Organic foods taste better, and outshine their tainted cousins... so these are some reasons to buy organic:

Most important to me: You are putting this in your body.

Other reasons:
1. Organic food taste great.
2. Organic farming feeds our hunger today and does not compromise the needs of the future.
3. Organic farming preserves the diversity of our plant species.
4. Organic farming preserves our natural water resources.
5. Organic production limits toxic and long lasting chemicals in our environment.

There are many more but this isn't School. Have a great day. -Spiro

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