Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Natural, Seasonal, Original Rabbit

Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Rabbit Tenderloin

Evenfall's spring menu is graced by many things local and seasonal, as is the Evenfall way. One such eminently local dish is the rabbit tenderloin, naturally raised free of growth hormones and antibiotics, it provides the stage for a medley of Spring ingredients to star upon.

Evenfall's chef, Scott Pelletier, crafts raviolis stuffed with wild nettles and his own ricotta cheese, adds local spring asparagus, and finishes the dish with what he calls an exotic mushroom sauce. The nettles which have an herbaceous 'spinach on steroids' quality to them provide a welcome fresh spring taste to the house made ricotta in the ravioli. We all know the star quality of local 'New England Spring' Asparagus, so no explanation is needed there. The dish is finished with a mushroom sauce, a demi, which features Abalone, Trumpet Royale, Morels, Honshimeji, and Oyster Mushrooms... its complex richness a brilliant stroke when juxtaposed to the freshness of the spring ingredients.


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