Friday, February 1, 2008

Single Barrel Bourbons

Evenfall now offers a fine selection of Single Barrel Bourbons, if you have a taste for whiskey or bourbon you may revel in these new choices. As always we try to bring to your neighborhood the chance to taste something new. Each bottle is from a single barrel giving it a level of uniqueness unfound in the myriad of blended whiskeys. Try some.

Now serving:
Weller Special Reserve
Eagle Rare
Blanton's Single (our bottle is from barrel #212)
Buffalo Trace

Bourbon, an American original, has often been thought of as the ugly stepsister to the 'finer' imported Whiskeys from around the world. The lack of production during prohibition left the American whiskey distillers far behind their foreign competitors who had years of aging barrels to incorporate into their yearly production, a blend that produced a consistent and refined product. The American distillers had no such previous years' barrels to go to and their product paled in comparison when the public compared them, thus an image of lower quality was born, an image which was then fed into by the American distillers willingness to sell cheaper less refined products. More and more that image is fading as American consumers wet their taste buds with the Bourbon Industry's unique product: Single Barrel Bourbon

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