Friday, February 8, 2008

New Wine Additions

I have added two new wines to the list today, the first is 2005 Bonterra Merlot from Mendocino County, what makes it special is that it is certified organic, the first such wine we have sold at Evenfall. So much of the food we make is organic that having an orgainic wine to offer makes me happy.

I have wanted to add one for some time but the fact is that most organic wines pretty much stink. This one does not, aged in French Oak, you'll find aromas of blackberry pie followed quickly by pleasant toasty aromas of coffee and a slight nuttiness.

The Second new wine is an interesting story as well, it is 'Cameron Hughes Lot 60, Cabernet Sauvignon from Stag's Leap district of Napa.

Hughes buys wine from prestigious wineries that they can't use for various reasons and relabels it and sells it for much less. I bought a few cases of his best offering to date, from the bounty full 2005 harvest of Cabernet in Napa, and from perhaps one of the top few districts... Stag's Leap. 2005 featured weather perfect for growing and Hughes swooped in to gratefully accept the excess... lucky for us.


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Rollie & Sandi said...

the best around and it's in my back yard!! the staff is awesome and the drinks are well prepared and always delicious.. Spiro has done it again with Organic wine so so delicious...keep up the good work. you have come along way Baby!!! The best chef in the valley by far.. cool tunes and a great place to get together..