Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Fall Menu Highlights 2007

foliageOur simple philosophy is to serve you only one quality, The Finest. This menu does not vary from that idea... first you have to start with the best beginnings:

Beef Shortribs from Wolfe's Neck farm in Freeport Maine, organic, antibiotic and hormone free, they grow on a vegetarian diet of corn, clover hay, barley and potatoes.

Organic Chicken from Giannone poultry company, is air chilled. While most chicken on the market is chilled in vats of cold water promoting bacteria contamination this air chilled chicken is also so much more flavorful as well. Giannone Poulty Website

Certified Organic Salmon is not fed antibiotics and dye like the run of the mill farmed salmon that you see everywhere.

Kobe Beef, the most luxurious variety of beef, we feature the authentic Wagyu Cattle from Snake River farms. Snake River Farms Website

Our menu also features Wild Caught Shrimp and Wild Caught Golden Sea Bass...

We take care to serve only the best, because you are worth it.

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