Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Wine Additions

There are times in my business where you just do something because of the way you think it should be, rather than the way you believe it is. Then with fingers crossed you hope that you were wrong all along. Seem strange? Well it is, and it isn't.

Take my favorite new wine addition, the 2007 Domaines Ott Bandol Rose. It is a non-sparkling rose, and yes I shudder to think you are imagining White Zinfandel right now... it is so very much more than that. After an influential recommendation, and lofty praise from Robert Parker, I bought a case and passed the bottles out to friends whose wine acumen I believed would enjoy it, and whose input I value. The reviews were spectacular, every single report was glowing.

Yet I never put it on the list, Why? Because it is Rose, plain and simple. Most people will glance right over it, never knowing the amazing experience it is;

"A delectable, pure, peachy nose blossoms from the glass whilst the palate is beautifully balanced with passion fruit, peach and rosewater. Superb definition on the finish. A rose that just seems to blossom with aeration. Outstanding." - Robert Parker

So back to the point... I decided to put it on the list, put my recommendation behind it, and hope to be surprised by it selling... If not I will have to drink it!

Other additions of Note:

2005 Hitching Post Pinot Noir
2005 Earthquake Zinfandel

Special Thanks to Paul Lutz, Chef Scott, and Allison Mazer

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